Friday, October 10, 2008

Education, not Regulation

So, today, I'm thinking of education rather than regulation concerning several issues.
Putting a real true effort into education for:
1. chilhood obesity
2. teen pregnancy
3. marital and family stabilty
4. seat belt and kids seat laws, sitting in the back of a pickup, helmets on motorcycles
5. parenting skills (what works, what doesn't)
6. financial management (individual)
7. healthy practices for adults (alcohol, smoking, marijuana)
8. more to come...
I believe that if we educate our people on topics, we give them the right to choose their path in an informed way. We cannot write laws to keep people from making poor choices, this limits our freedom, makes people angry (which is unhealthy and counterproductive!) and bogs down our political and law enforcement system... not to mention the burden on the taxpayer. However, we cannot sit on the sidelines and watch children being thrown from cars b/c their parents don't buckle them in. Let's make a real investment in adult and childhood education beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. Writing a law to stop a societal symptom is like taking a pill to keep the food you are eating from getting you fat. The side effects are terrible and you just have to keep taking that pill! Lets cure the disease, lets learn what the root of the problem is and stop it by helping people help themselves. Education is the key to success.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Start of It all

For the last several years, I have thought deeply about many topics and have argued with many a news paper and tv host in my head. Friends and family all turn off when I try to open up about the things on my mind. I suppose the thoughts are not so amusing and I am not very good with communication. I'm going to give this a try to see if I can get some relief from the anxiety caused from not talking about the things that really matter. Some of the topics I hope to cover are: government policy improvements for working mothers (and indirectly, the health of our children), The gentleman - do we women want this anymore and should we, religious conservatism vs education, How do we know God exists or doesn't exist and what are the questions we should be asking about our religion and faith, religious theories and beliefs specific to Christianity, what is the world going to be like when my great(x's n)-grandchildren are here, our mission to Mars and what needs to happen to colonize another planet. There are many topics that I would love to discuss and learn about and welcome comments criticism and correction on anything I write. I just hope to gain a better understanding of this life in general. To anyone who reads with an open mind and with a true heart, I thank you.